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Your weed control entitles you to an initial treatment and a follow-up inspection. For this treatment we apply herbicides to all stone areas of your property with the following exceptions.

  1. 1’ to 2’ away from the drip-line, (furthest extent of branches) of all trees.  Unless if trees are contained.

  2. 3’ to 12’ away from all adjoining grass area.


The herbicides that are use are odorless and relatively slow acting.  You will not notice the effects of the treatment for 2-4 weeks after the first rainfall.  After four weeks and the weeds are still there please call us for re-treatment to your property.



We guarantee to control weeds in all treatable areas, from the date of the initial application to November 1st, or the time of the first frost. Minor weed growth is the responsibility of the homeowner, (an occasional weed).  We will retreat any heavy areas, free of charge, if growth should happen to reoccur.  Phragmites are the only exception to this guarantee. There will be an additional charge to control phragmites.


1)  Install a continuous 2” x 12” treated wood barrier, with a 45” butt joints, in the ground to a point where the bottom of the board is below the root zone of the adjacent grass, shrubs or trees.

2)  Install a minimum 3’ wide continuous raiser planter, adjacent to grass.

3)  Treat weeds in the setback areas with a contract herbicide.


Island Weed Control will not assume any responsibility for any type of damage to either neighboring or the homeowner’s grass.  By accepting this contract, the homeowner assumes all and full responsibility for any damage to adjoining plots of grass that may have been caused by application herbicide by Island Weed Control.  If you have any questions concerning this policy change, please call. Island Weed Control will always endeavor to eliminate any possible damages by maintaining an adequate treatment for setback, and by not spraying on days when wind may cause a drift problem.


1)  A copy of labels and safety data of the pesticides used, will be available upon request.

2)  Pesticides are chemical substances used to control living organisms and vary in the degree of toxicity.  Pesticides may be a part of a good pest control program. Sanitation as well as physical and biological control measures should be considered as another part of a good pest control program.

3)  National Pesticide Information Center telephone number for general health and pesticide toxicology information:


4)  New Jersey Poison Information and Education System telephone number for emergency situations:  


5)  NJ Pesticide Control Program for pesticide regulation information and pesticide complaints:




AVALON:                   MARCH 25TH – APRIL 13TH


SEA ISLE CITY:          MAY 01ST – MAY 15TH

OCEAN CITY:            MAY 16TH – MAY 30TH

OFFSHORE:              MAY 16TH – MAY 30TH

CAPE MAY:                MAY 16TH – MAY 30TH

WILDWOOD:            MAY 16TH – MAY 30TH


*NOTE: Dates are subject to change due to inclement weather. We will not spray on rainy or windy days.